Apply For One of our Gorgeous, Healthy Teacup Kittens Today!

If you have been searching for that perfect, fluffy white blue eyed Persian kitten, our petite pussycats are sure to delight you! Apply for one of our adorable Doll Faced Teacup Persian kittens today!

Watch a Teacup Kitten Grow!

Our popular YouTube video shows one of our adorable White Doll Faced Teacup Persian kittens as she grows from her birth to becoming a full-fledged beauty!

Tiny Tails Teacup Kittens Are Stars on YouTube!

Doll Face Teacup Persian kittens are among God’s most divine creatures. These petite, fluffy felines are so perfect, it’s often difficult to believe they are real. But real they are, and Tiny Tails Teacups has healthy, top quality babies ready to steal your heart!

Tiny Tails Teacups has been providing exceptional Teacup Persian kittens for sale to carefully screened buyers for many years. Over this time we have developed a breeding program that produces very healthy, beautiful and affectionate Persian kittens of the doll faced variety.

We have placed exquisite Doll Faced Teacup Persian kittens in homes throughout the world. We stay in touch with all of our “extended families” and are very proud of the relationship we have with each of our clients. Many clients have come to us for a second, and even third teacup Persian kitten. This attests not only to the quality of our kittens, but to the high level of care we devote to ensuring that our kittens are happy, healthy and safe throughout their lives with their new families.

So, if you have become enchanted with Doll Faced Teacup Persian kittens, we invite you to spend some time on our website. You’ll find hundreds of photos of “Tiny Tails Alumni”, the fabulous fur-babies our cattery has produced who are now living the life with their new families. We feel that our many client testimonials more than speak for themselves.

And when you are ready, please feel free to apply for a kitten. Whether your preference is Chinchilla Silver Teacup Persian kittens, White Chinchilla Teacup Persian kittens, Shaded Silver Teacup Persian kittens or the extremely popular Blue Eyed White Teacup Persian kittens, our doll faced delights are sure to steal your heart.

And if you have questions about our kittens, upcoming litters or whether this breed is a good match for you, feel free to contact us by email or telephone. We’ll be happy to “talk teacups” with you and give you more insight into why our Doll Faced Teacup Persian kittens are the ultimate in “feline fabulousness”.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon! The Teacup kitten of your dreams awaits you right here at Tiny Tails Teacup Persians!Bookmark and Share

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